Food Fight

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is a book about meatballs falling from the sky. Nothing wrong with that as long as it floods spaghetti too. Sony’s new movie based on said book comes out in September. To tide over your animated appetite check out their new food fight game.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

I’ve never been in a food fight. It seems they only happen on TV, in movies and music videos. I have a feeling that sometime in a summer camp or comfy kitchen somewhere someone threw that first fateful fist of food that started a fun, forgivable but fully defacilitating food fight. It might be my forward thinking (read: O.C.D.) nature but I immediately worry about the hours of clean up that follow a four minute long food fight- the forgettable hours of filtering inches of muck from crevices of tables, fretfully cleaning chairs, cupboards and floors.

Food Fight

It’s a popular notion. Be Your Own Pet has a song called Food Fight,

history can be told through food fights

and recently LA’s city council waged a food fight against LA’s taco trucks.

With all the biteable battles I feel amiss having never administered an applesauce assault or assisted in an apricot assailment. Perhaps one should be scheduled, like the grilled cheese invitational, with leftovers from LA’s restaurants that otherwise would have gone to waste.  I know it satisfies nothing more that my futile but frenzied fervor for a feeble food fight. Forgive me for fretting over this fervent waste of food.


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    […] provided a comfortable chance to ask questions and generally socialize before the analog vs digital food fight […]

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