Fullerton’s Food: Fail

Butterscotch shakes and Omaha steaks, that’s what the College World Series is all about. I like the College World Series because it’s team baseball and anyone can win on any given day. I also love the ‘ping’ sound that metal bats make.

2004 CWS Fullerton

Futher, I really love BBQ and Omaha is the home of steak, so what better then to combine the two.

Grand Slam Grill

Unfortunately I’ve never been to Omaha, so we headed down to Fullerton for the CWS Super Regionals two weekends ago. I mean, Fullerton should have good BBQ and baseball, right?

Wrong. We tried Big B’s, which is a mile from Cal State Fullerton’s stadium. It’s a little place that has all the signs of a good strip mall BBQ joint. Unfortunately the ribs were just ehh. They were definitely tender but had no other discernible flavor- slight char, slight tang, slight smoke… boring. The sides were average-at-best.

Big B's BBQ Big B's BBQ

Big B’s shares a wall with another let down, Brian’s. It’s a beer bar totally unlike the wonderful beer bars that we visited on the Food GPS Food Marathon. Serving Coors and Bud Light en masse to college kids, this place is a perfect compliment to Big B’s- boring.


Things took a turn for the worse when we crossed the parking lot to Rigoberto’s. This was probably my fault for not yelping properly. Housed in an old Taco Bell, Rigoberto’s serves huge burritos, tacos and tortas solely meant to soak up booze.


The tacos were inedible- over sized wet tortillas filled with nasty, dried meat, guacamole from a bag and flavorless pico de gallo.

Finally at the game, Fullerton played a scrappy game and spanked Louisville to gain entrance to Omaha.

Cal State Fullerton Baseball

Since then Fullerton got dropped in their first two games and are already out of the series.

So in summary Fullerton baseball isn’t bad, but Fullerton food, like their lawn art:

Cal State Fullerton



2 Responses to “Fullerton’s Food: Fail”

  1. Food GPS Says:

    That grass-cut F is HILARIOUS. Perfect end to your post.

  2. Kirk Says:

    We ate at Rigoberto’s once….after which we dubbed it Rigor-mortis…..

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