Finger Lickin’ Links

On my way to work I saw a truck parked outside of a house. The truck was a mobile BBQ grill cleaner, which I thought was called Dirty Grills. Unfortunately I can’t find a website or company by that name. ANYWAY, it’s BBQ season so clean your grills. These grilz too, if you can still afford them.

Speaking of bar-b-que, The Smokin’ Joint is taking over that prime 3rd Street location that I’ve often complained about being under utilized.

The Smokin Joint BBQ

Other BBQ related news includes hope for an upcoming College World Series food marathon in Fullerton. Chris and Pitts is on the list, per Dig Lounge’s suggestion. Also check out the BBQ and Baseball blog.

Chris and Pitts BBQ

Lastly,it’s no news that Food Trucks are taking over LA. Jump on the bandwagon at the new LA Food Truck blog.

kogi korean bbq truck


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