Potato Chips Preview

Finally a new sandwich shop on the westside.


How many pizza, burger and brunch places did they have to open before finally realizing LA needs more sandwich shops.


Bay Cities has boldly carried the lone westwide sandwich flag for years, so welcome Potato Chips.


Welcome to the neighborhood. Please, don’t let me down.


Potato Chips is in the old Bicentennial space which served as Cobras and Matadors’ bar/liquor store. It will continue to serve that purpose in the evening, but during the day will provide sandwiches, chips and beer. The beer is to-go only.



I’d like to see 20 different rare varieties of chips once the place finds it’s pace.


Potato Chips
7613 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 931-4995


3 Responses to “Potato Chips Preview”

  1. Gastronomer Says:

    Herr’s! Glad to see Southeast PA chips making an LA appearance.

  2. my shimoda Says:

    it’s gaining the reputation of being “The East Side Bay Cities” and they got more chips and pics on the wall. The Italian is pretty much The Godfather, I like it with extra hots !

  3. Marie Says:

    The suspense has been shattered! Thanks for writing this up, makes me more motivated to go check it out.

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