Mashup Meals

I originally came up with this idea in March of ’08 and now that Kogi is getting so much hype I figured it was an ideal time to post about Mashup Meals.

For those who aren’t aware a mashup in computer terms is “a web application that combines data or functionality from two or more sources into a single integrated application.” For example, Google Maps. More popularly a music mashup is the instrumental from one song under another song’s a cappella vocals. When seamlessly blended, the resulting song can sometimes be better than the original.

By either definition you can understand that a mashup meal is created by combining featured ingredients from a multitude of cuisines. Americanized sushi bars have been doing it for years with travesties like the Philadelphia Roll (salmon and cream cheese in a rice and seaweed sushi roll). What We’re Eating’s Deep South Sushi Roll features smothered chicken thighs and oven-roasted okra wrapped in blanched collard greens (instead of seaweed paper), served on a bed of spicy onion gravy.
deep south sushi roll

In this day of synergy and cross promotion, interesting licensing opportunities would arise with mashups of specific dishes from notable restaurants. The easiest one is the LA Landmark Mashup: a Pink’s hot dog In-n-Out animal style. Or an In-n-Out Double Double with Pink’s chili. Or a Dodger Stadium Dodger Dog with Pink’s Chili on it…

in-n-out pinks mashup

Another LA favorite would be Brent’s Deli’s matzo ball soup in a Din Tai Fung soup dumpling. Or to really push the envelope Yuca’s carne asada inside a Din Tai Fung soup dumpling.

brent's din tai fung

Kogi already has the Korean taco, so what about flipping it the other way with Bibimbap al Pastor- the famous Korean rice dish with Mexican pork and swap the daikon with cilantro and lime. Maybe even spicy Soon Chorizo?

Another example is Jitlada’s dry curry beef, which is one of their highlight dishes. The idea would be to throw the spicy beef on a roll and cover it with onions and cheeze whiz from South Street in Westwood to make a spicy Phil-Thai Cheesesteak (or a Phurry Cheesesteak).
jitlada south street

Or flip it and take parts of a Bahn Mi My Tho bahn mi (baguette, pickled carrots/daikon, cucumbers, cilantro, jalapeños) and add Philly steak and cheese to make a Bahn Milly. Another Thai idea is Spicy BBQ’s amazing pork sausages in Angeli Caffe’s addictive bread rolls for IThailian Sliders.

What about a Roscoe’s fried chicken drumstick and covered in Canter’s waffle batter? If it can be done to a hot dog, why not a chicken leg?

India’s naan is one of the most delicious breads in the world- why not fill it with Langers’ pastrami to make a New Deli Sandwich? A Middle Eastern mashup could include meat from a Baby Blues pork rib sliced into a pita from Falafel-Arax in place of shawarma.

I should note here that I’m a very adventurous eater and will try anything once. That said, some of these combinations may not work so well. I’m open to suggestions.

Stay tuned for a mashup meal marathon soon…


2 Responses to “Mashup Meals”

  1. Food GPS Says:

    Great idea. I remember you mentioned this on that Hollywood food marathon last year. Food Mashups could easily be a successful spin-off.

  2. LA Street Food Fest 2012 Review « Says:

    […] Mashup Meals […]

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