The New Baby Blues

When I was a kid there was a restaurant in Studio City called Bar-B-Que Heaven. I believe Shiki Sushi is currently in its spot in a strip mall off Ventura near Whitsett. Bar-B-Que Heaven had the most succulent, tender ribs with the richest, most flavor-abundant sauce in Los Angeles. Nothing came close to rivaling it. Bar-B-Que Heaven has long since closed and a number of other rib-slingers have opened. One such bar-b-que haven is Baby Blues in Venice. They probably are the closest to rival Bar-B-Que Heaven in quality and nostalgia-inspiring bliss.

Recently Baby Blues opened a second location in West Hollywood. The trendier neighborhood and larger space were worrisome, so I put them to the test this week. We started with shrimp Suicide Kings.
baby blues shrimp suicide kings
Compared to when I had them in Venice the cornbread seemed different. It was more like a slice of cake or slice from a loaf of cornbread. It was very moist, to the point that it was almost like cookie dough. Enjoyable but not necessarily amazing.

I ordered a half rack of baby back ribs with okra and coleslaw. The ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender and not too fatty. Baby Blues signature sauces are too vinegary for my taste- I prefer spicier and thicker- I know it’s a regional discrepancy. The sides lacked compared to the Venice location.
baby blues pork ribs

My dad ordered a Flintstone’s sized beef rib to accompany his spare ribs. The sheer size of the bone deserves accolades. The flavor did as well.
baby blues beef

Flintstones Ribs

In conclusion Bar-B-Que Heaven remains the unmatched champion of LA BBQ. If it only it still existed…


4 Responses to “The New Baby Blues”

  1. Mashup Meals « Says:

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  2. Jack Says:

    Best ribs bar none was the original Harry’s Open Pit BBQ on Crescent Heights and then, Coldwater Cnyn and Ventura. Anyone know where Harry can be found?

  3. Oli Says:

    Harry’s has been closed for sometime now 😦 . . It’s a shame, becasue that was the BEST BBQ EVER ! ! ! RIP Harry, we love you !!!

  4. More Mediocre Bar-B-Que « Says:

    […] only has a handful of good BBQ places. And then one of the few good ones (Baby Blues) expanded and their quality diminished. So I wasn’t surprised at all when I found KC BBQ to be […]

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