Street, The One-Stop Food Marathon

Street is a concept that so perfectly appeals to me that, even though it wasn’t the best meal I’ve had, I still feel good about it. It’s literally a one-stop food marathon, covering dishes from all around the world.

Read these three reviews first.

Street Menu, Tea Cakes and Dumplings

The “Tea Cakes and Dumplings” section of the menu was much better than the “Curries, Salads and Ovens” side. Next time I’ll be content with twelve bites from the twelve different left-menu options. The Japanese Shizo Shrimp, Cuban Stuffed Potato, Indian Vada Dumplings and Pork Dumplings all were well-cooked and tasty, but overall there’s still a “watered-down” element to the cooking. There should be an option for “authentic” spice level or “American” spice level- if not in the dishes themselves, than at least in the accompanying sauces.

Street Menu

(photo by Mattatouille)

The service was spot on, the beer choices were good, the cocktails weren’t anything special (especially at this time of master mixologists) and the room/decor/vibe was good but still needs work in the lighting department.


2 Responses to “Street, The One-Stop Food Marathon”

  1. my shimoda Says:

    good point about the “authentic” and “american” spice level choice. I would have loved to go spicier! The pork dumplings and shizo shrimp were my favorite. the “Curries, Salads and Ovens” side seemed to be very mushy.

    -I also like your suggestion about putting white christmas lights out on the patio. people were using their cell phones to read the menu. that’s not a good thing…

    -and I also like MY suggestion that they should have a chalk outline of a crime scene body sipping a cocktail in the corner. 🙂

  2. Recipes Valley Says:

    Enjoying reading your blog. Hard work always pays off.

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