It’s now been a year since the 30 Going on 13 Food Marathon and The Grand Finale of my 20’s. For this birthday I wanted to think back to 1989 I was 11 years old. If you asked me then to describe the restaurant of my dreams it probably would have looked liked Wahoo’s Fish Tacos.

I would have stuck stickers all over the walls, hung skateboards from the rafters, served large portions of salty Mexicanish food with a soda fountain full of Dr Pepper and Root Beer.
Caballeroskateboarding is not a crimeVision Mark Gonzalez SkateboardVision Psycho Stick Skateboard

kirk gibsonI was a well-rounded youngster so the Dodgers would share equal time on the TV’s with skate videos.

It was 1989 so the soundtrack would have been:
Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N Roses
Just a Friend by Biz Markie
Every Little Step by Bobby Brown
Buffalo Stance by Neneh Cherry
Deeper Shade of Soul by Urban Dance Squad (that one’s actually 1990 but cooler than Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians).

I would have worn Stüssy hats, shirts and shorts and Airwalk shoes.
StussyAirwalk Prototype

I wouldn’t have had a very sophisticated palate, so the mushy white beans, heavily seasoned rice and watery pico de gallo wouldn’t have bothered me that much. My mom would have been happy because the fish was flamebroiled or blackened as opposed to fried. The price (a fish banzai bowl with rice, beans, Mr Lee’s Hot Sauce and bottomless fountain soda), $10 and change, is more than Taco Bell but it’s also a lot more food.
wahoos fish banzai bowl

Although Wahoo’s first opened in 1988, I didn’t try it till long after I gave up skateboarding and wearing Vision Street Wear. Ultimately there’s plenty of places that serve better food but Wahoo’s provides value and nostalgia, as well as a decent fish burrito.


3 Responses to “Wahoo’s”

  1. choisauce Says:

    and also f’n cheap beer ALL day. their beer of the month is less than $2!

    p.s. “every little step” is the shizzzz (but i still love the dodgers more)

  2. Airwalk Says:

    We still love Wahoo’s to this day. Really good chicken rice bowls. =)


  3. Daily Gluttony Says:

    ok, i know it’s a chain but i don’t care. i love me some wahoos every now and then.

    and btw, you are just a young-un!

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