2009 Food Trends

What does the future hold? Food and Wine says sandwich shops and butlers that cook. Bon Appetit says the new American tavern will be the trend to watch. I made my own food Oscar predictions and now I’ll do some other food forecasting. Trends of 2008, like pescatarians, locavores and post-Atkinsians, have made diet labeling a bit absurd. So here are some food/diet trends that just may be idiotic enough to be real:

Typovores– People who only eat animals that have the same blood type as they do. This stems from the Blood Type Diet. We realize this diet might be difficult, as it requires knowing your own blood type and getting a blood sample from every animal before they hit the grill. That said, you’ll be amazed by how thin and energetic you feel after just two months on the diet…

Greenkillivores– Combining the environment-saving and locovore trends, this group only eat roadkill hit by hybrid and fuel efficient vehicles. Inconveniently Truthful dinner.Last, but certainly not least seems to be everyone else aka Bacon-eaters. Between the bacon bowls, bacon weaves (filled with cheese no less) and bacon-wrapped turducken it seems the bacon industry is recession-proof.


4 Responses to “2009 Food Trends”

  1. Kat Says:

    I can’t stop drooling from all the bacon trends! Great find! I am now enamored with the bacon bowl! OMG I must try this for the holidays! Simply Brilliant! ^_^

  2. mattatouille Says:


    bacon wrapped turducken…yum…

  3. Martin Says:

    How can anyone get past the first four letters of turducken and still think that it is a good idea?

  4. tannaz Says:

    love it — following up a vegan hanukkah post with a bacon gluttony post. talk about diversity of content =)

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