The Fancy Burger Food Marathon

Choosing the best burger in LA is as futile as choosing the best sushi. The argument will rage on longer than the Arab/Israeli conflict. So why not add fuel to the already out of control fire:

The Pug Burger from The Hungry Cat
I didn’t get an egg on it, which might render my opinion obsolete but it’s a damn good burger. Juicy, rich, almost too big too eat… all wonderful attributes for a burger. The blue cheese is very pungent which could overpower the burger for the faint at taste. With avocado and bacon this burger pulls out all the stops.

The Comme Ça BurgerA more subtle, refined burger bursting with flavor. Pound for pound it might be the best in LA. The way the cheese melts around the patty, it’s almost like a cheddar casing. And the bun is worthy of eating on its on.

The Classic at 8oz
This was my second visit to 8oz and I can confidently say it doesn’t belong on any “best of” lists. The meat is mealy and dry, the buns don’t have that freshly baked quality- it’s just outclassed by the other gourmet burgers in LA.
Next time will be the Dirty Burger Food Marathon, for those wonderful greasy under-$5-gut-bombs that LA does so well…


13 Responses to “The Fancy Burger Food Marathon”

  1. Foodyi Says:

    Hey! I just wanted to say that I love that you’re doing a food marathon in LA, my hometown-it’s the ideal city to do one because the places are far enough so you’re not eating within 10 minute intervals like you do here in NY! Also, just wanted to let you know I linked to your site so LA friends can see what you’re doing over there.. as well as link to my own marathon in Flushing, Queens. Enjoy!

  2. mattatouille Says:

    my favorite fancy burger is at 25 degrees. Blue Dahlia is a close second. Father’s Office third. Nice little mini-marathon though.

  3. burumun Says:

    my fave fancy burger is actually Grace!
    And Father’s Office!
    you should do a marathon #2 😀

  4. teenage glutster Says:

    I wonder which category “The Counter” build-your-own burger falls under?

  5. Mitch Says:

    My favorite in LA is Hungry Cat… so good.

  6. TonyC Says:

    easily Bar Marmont’s burger for co-spots on top of the gourmet list: The other being a DTLA joint that is definitely NOT Blue Dahlia’s.

    25 Deg close second, followed Hungry Cat, with FO1/2 at the bottom next to Commes Ca.

    nonetheless, a LOT of heart tho.. much like when I did the Inglehood burger crawl…

  7. Food Marathon Says:

    Guess there’s gonna have to be a few more burger marathons planned…

  8. Food GPS Says:

    Every time you post, I always wish you had more time to contribute to Food Marathon. You’re probably the most high-concept blogger in town, given your concepts for Food Marathon and Just One Plate. Good intro and round-up, as usual.

  9. Matt Says:

    We agree to disagree about the 8oz burger! I think it's great. I also agree with Tony C about the Lucky Devils Burger.

    The Village Idiot was good at one point, but has left me disappointed a couple of times after.

    I'm glad you left FO off the list. It's good, but not really a burger.

    Ghetto Burger Marathon? J&J, The Burger Stand, Earlez, Hawkins, Mom's Burgers, Fresh & Meaty? Oh yes I say.

  10. Aaron Says:

    I don’t know if I’d agree with Matt above. The FO burger is certainly a burger, but I didn’t think it was very good. Now, I like to emphasize simplicity when I eat burgers. Quality ingredients go a long way. Of course, this is a “Fancy Burger” marathon, so I suppose you’re rating these places on a much different scale.

  11. Pepsi Monster Says:

    You should do a “fancy” burger marathon again. Yes, Grace should be up there since you were close by at 8oz.

    Hope you can do it again soon. Great roundup on this marathon.

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