The Dumpling 5k

Another Food 5k down, this time in the SGV. It started early Saturday morning at Din Tai Fung. We tried the original location but were referred to the new one around the corner. I’m not sure if the food quality is any different as everything was delicious. The service was a bit slower due to the size of the restaurant I assume.We had juicy soup dumplings and garlicky string beans.On the sweet side we had red bean buns and sesame buns.We saved room because we knew there was more eating to do.
First we bowled a couple games at the alley next door to Din Tai Fung. Note to parents, the dumpling/bowling combination- possibly combined with the arboretum makes for a great outing with the kids. I don’t have kids so the food 5k continued.
Per Matt’s recommendation we went to Hawaii Supermarket. Between the durian and live turtles it was much more exciting than Gelson’s. We stocked up on some basics and moved on to Monterey Park.
We weren’t the first to follow Exile Kiss’ recommendation of Noodle House. I haven’t really done dumpling due diligence so it was presumptuous for us to try this newer edition before hitting the more established SGV restaurants. I say this because the food was just mediocre. When compared back-to-back with Din Tai Fung, Noodle House’s dumplings were bland and cumbersome. I even like Wonton Time’s better.
The noodles were covered in sauce like broth. Unfortunately the sauce was too overpowering and not flavorful enough to garner such abundance.That said, I’m glad to have tried Noodle House. There’s so much more to discover in that part of town and just too little time.
Later in the day we attended two parties, both of which had cheese plates with Marcona almonds.
Quite a day.


11 Responses to “The Dumpling 5k”

  1. Food GPS Says:

    I had a good experience at Noodle House, but no SGV dumpling house can compete with Din Tai Fung. However, if you like fried dumplings, Luscious Dumpling Inc. produces the most incredible fried pork dumplings, with thin, caramelized skins and pork juice that is bound to run down your chin and onto your shirt.

    Durian gets a bad rap, and it’s unwarranted. I ate it in Singapore and the fruit was creamy and delicious.

  2. mattatouille k. Says:

    Thanks for the nod. I forgot about those live turtles. PETA would have a field day at Hawaii Supermarket, wouldn’t it? How much were the durians when you saw them? I can’t imagine that they’d be in season right now..

  3. Food Marathon Says:

    I actually stole that picture from the internet so I don’t know how much they cost.
    When’s the K-Town Food Marathon?

  4. mattatouille k. Says:

    haha alright. well, let’s flesh out the marathon, how many places do you want to hit up? It’s really hard to do a k-town marathon b/c usually you get massive portions for everything. but Korean food lends itself to sharing so it could work. I’m thinking sometime the week of the 22nd could be good.

  5. H. C. Says:

    Oooh across from the DTFs is a simple “dumpling house” that’s also worth a try; more rustic preparation, but I like it a bit more than DTF overall (which excels at xiaolongbaos but everything else is just OK).

  6. teenage glutster Says:


    Why didn’t you guys tell me about this!

    Oh, well…maybe next time.

  7. Food Marathon Says:

    I did this one with on my own. You’ll definitely be invited to the K-Town Marathon.

  8. mattatouille k. Says:

    Alright guys, how about Sept 26th for the K-Town Food Marathon? Or do you guys like the weekend better? Saturday could work too, as long as it’s after 3PM or so.

  9. H. C. Says:

    I can be in K-Town around 6PM (or later) on the 26th. 27th is sucked up for me by the LA County Fair (go friedness!)

    Email me at or leave a comment on my blog to let me know how this pans out. Thanks for coordinating!

  10. Chubbypanda Says:

    Ooohoohoohoohoo… Durian! My wife makes me eat that stuff on the driveway.

  11. burumun Says:

    As inaccurate as I think it is, I love the description of durian they wrote! “Intoxicating taste of a gourmet custard … etc” 😀 Or maybe bcs to me durian tastes like …well, durian! Bananas can’t compare!

    BTW, for me the best part of Noodle House were the Baos!

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