Best Show Ever…

The recent episode of No Reservations in Spain was the single greatest hour of television in the history of the medium. With Usain-Bolt-like effortlessness, Anthony Bourdain and his producers deliver one brilliant food television moment after another.

Why can’t the Food Network be more like this…

4 Responses to “Best Show Ever…”

  1. Esteban Says:

    I saw that episode–but I think the episode where he gathers his chef cronies and heads to French Laundry was the best thing I’ve ever seen on TV.

  2. Cynthia Says:

    I wish we got the channel to see these shows.

  3. mattatouille k. Says:

    dang it, i gotta set up DVR at my new place…

  4. Bourdain and Chang Star in Disney Film? « Says:

    […] Bourdain and Chang Star in Disney Film? By foodmarathon Eater’s running a contest where you have to write a caption for a photo from Anthony Bourdain and David Chang’s recent romantic Korean food excursion on No Reservations. […]

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