Hour of the CHIPwreck

It’s been a while since my last chip post, so today I bought Doritos new mystery flavor.The snack has gone interactive in this “Quest” to guess the flavor. I opened the bag and they looked like regular Doritos, but such is the nature of our new chemical food culture. Read Fast Food Nation to find out about the flavor experiments taking place along the New Jersey turnpike.
So the chip immediately tastes sweet. At first I thought it was mango, then lime, but those seem like pedestrian choices for Doritos (considering they’ve already ventured into Hot Wings Blue Cheese territory).
So there’s definitely a salty and sweet thing happening, which I love. (Kettle corn, chocolate covered pretzels, bacon and maple syrup- all genius combinations in my opinion.) There’s something about them, however, that isn’t perfect.
I cheated and looked online to find the answer. The result is synergy at its finest, cross promotion that breaks previously untried taste combinations… the flavor in question is MOUNTAIN DEW?! (Yes, both chip and soda are owned by PepsiCo).
Because I have no self control I ate the whole bag, but I definitely won’t buy them again. Perhaps if they were Dr Pepper flavored…


One Response to “Hour of the CHIPwreck”

  1. Aaron Says:

    I stumbled upon this site and played the game for awhile before I realized it was for Doritos.


    Frito-Lay always has the strangest ad campaigns

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