Drive Thru Coming Soon

One of the original food marathoners is currently driving across the country. I guess eating across the country would be a better description. He will be guest posting once he arrives at his final destination in San Diego. In the meantime he directed me to this must-have He’s in the heart of the red states so you can imagine what’s to come…


4 Responses to “Drive Thru Coming Soon”

  1. teenage glutster Says:

    man, we should really munch together one day. You are like the only other person who seems to eat like me!

    bacon salt is good on anything, trust me.

  2. Matthew K. Says:

    they should have the bacon salt at scoops next to the rainbow sprinkles and peanut pieces. sprnkle that over some brownbread…yum…

  3. Food Marathon Says:

    Perhaps a bacon blogger food marathon is in order….

  4. Matthew K. Says:

    let’s see, we can do bacon at square one for breakfast, frisee aux lardons for lunch at la mill, bacon caramel at scoops for afternoon, and something at animal for dinner.

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