Weekend’s Eatings

The original Loteria Grill’s tacos (tinga, pipian and papas) with rice and beans:…followed by a delicious ring of flavor from Bay Cities courtesy of the grease from a Godmother:…complimented by Artisan Cheese Gallery’s duck confit sandwich:
which was amazing and requires many more visits…
…and topped off with a massive cheese plate:
I appreciate how they give the right portion of accoutrement with their cheese, unlike Joans’ dainty serving:
It’s all just practice for the forthcoming sandwich food marathon.


2 Responses to “Weekend’s Eatings”

  1. Bill Says:

    Boy I sure missed a bit here…BBQ sure looks good.

  2. teenage glutster Says:

    man, finally, someone else who can eat like me. I like your angle.

    check out my blog so you can know what I am talking about.

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