King Truffle

It’s been a while since I was treated to a gourmet, home cooked meal. So I was excited when I was invited to a Sunday dinner celebrating the truffle.
Since my truffle-heavy meal at Guy Savoy I haven’t had the opportunity to eat the decadent fungi, as they’re quite expensive.
Starters included fresh tomato and basil bruschetta,
roasted garlic hummus with pita,
and Marcona almonds, truffle cheese and harissa cheddar cheese.Dinner included two types of pasta with different but complimentary sauces: shaved black truffles with linguine and truffle carbonara with strozzapreti pasta
Guanciale is an excellent pork product. It’s unsmoked so it doesn’t overpower the dish, however it still has the incomparable consistency and flavor of pork.
Dessert was magnificent- fresh berry tart on lime shortbread crust.
It’s a testament to the chef’s skill, because the meal was outstanding and allowed the truffle to be king. None of the flavor components challenged the truffle yet the meal didn’t come out bland as a result.

2 Responses to “King Truffle”

  1. Bill Says:

    You made that tart?

  2. My Shimoda Says:

    oh man… your blog makes me so hungry. wait, did you make everything?

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