Lemonade’s Gonna Get Paid

Lemonade is a trendy cafeteria with gourmet salads, sandwiches, desserts and, of course, lemonade.
Their organization is lacking, with poor circulation between ordering and paying. I’m sure in time it will smooth out.
We had:
-roasted beets with hazelnuts and red onions $3
-roasted cauliflower with golden raisins and curry vinaigrette $3
-quinoa, butternut squash, and whole orange vinaigrette $3.50
-Israeli couscous, feta, tomato and lemon vinaigrette $3.50
-corn chowder $3
-freshly blended blueberry, mint lemonade $2.75
-freshly blended peach, ginger lemonade $2.75
The food definitely stacks up in flavor compared to Joan’s on Third- and it’s less expensive. The namesake lemonade actually was too sweet- it’s not Hot Dog on a Stick, they could cut some of the sugar.
Lemonade won’t have a problem doing business as they serve the entertainment industry’s publicists and design savvy shoppers and salespeople. Hopefully it won’t turn into an Urth Cafe scene…


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