Great Weekend, Great Week?

Another summer weekend in April- packed full of unhealthy ultraviolet rays and ultra fatty food.
Saturday I was back in Malibu, this time for their best restaurant, Malibu Seafood.While watching morning beach traffic I had a squid steak sandwich, fried oysters and french fries… a healthy way to start your weekend.The sandwich was good, with fresh squid that wasn’t too rubbery. The oysters were juicy and the fries well done. Next time I’ll get some grilled fish with raw oysters.
Saturday night had dinner at Pane e Vino which I still think is a great restaurant for the price. One of the nicest patios in LA, good portion sizes for fair prices and ultimately the food is good.
Sunday went to the Dodger game. It was hot, we had great seats and the Dodgers won. More importantly though, the new concession system is much faster and easier to use. First the service stations are all larger and streamlined. Second the condiments have been moved out from the deeper recesses of the halls to the aisle directly behind the seats. Third, the addition of Ruby’s, Canters and Camachos doesn’t mean much to me as I’m a die hard Dodger dog fan. I did try Ruby’s cajun frieswhich were basically fries covered in pizza seasoning. They needed some cheese and pepperoni and then might be worth the $5+ price tag. Had a Dodger Dog and footlong corn dog as well…
All in all another great LA weekend. It will be interesting to see how this week goes, as my total at the market this morning was $6.66:

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