The Forgot-It’s-February Food Marathon

With the unseasonably warm weather (read: inconveniently truthful global warming) we headed beachward for a day of eating at summery restaurants with outdoor seating.I’m not sure why I felt like this was summery but we started with Samosa House, the Indian market/restaurant for a quick bite. After checking out the goods we opted for more than just a samosa and added spinach, cauliflower in yogurt sauce and their house specialty jackfruit.More than any other food that “tastes like chicken,” the jackfruit literally has the look and consistency of chicken. We washed it down with a thick mango lassi.Next stop was Tacomiendo. Seated outside in full summer mode, we noticed an interesting advertisement under the “Open” sign.
I know Kenny G is in with Starbucks and Pinkberry, but Tacomiendo too?Just one carnitas taco with chips, salsa and guacamole was a perfect mid-marathon meal. We always get the same thing at Taco-miendo, which is unfortunate because they have a long menu with a lot of good choices. If only it was a little closer to home.
The final stop was the most summery of all- Diddy Riese. One mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich with chocolate cookies and one cappuccino chip on chocolate chip cookies later and we success’full’y rolled ourselves home.
After living in Wisconsin, I never take LA’s amazing weather for granted. Nor it’s food.

There’s a list of upcoming food marathons planned including the the cupcake marathon (because someone has to support all 500 designer cupcakes shops in LA), the sandwich marathon, the under $2 marathon and the LA Marathon food marathon amongst the many others.


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    […] The Forgot It’s February Food Marathon […]

  2. All the Food Marathons | Says:

    […] The Forgot It’s February Food Marathon […]

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