Taco Bell Biv DeVoe

Today’s food music post is about two things that I liked just as much 18 years ago as I do today: Taco Bell and Bell Biv DeVoe. My post about the time I ate 20 tacos is as much background as you need on my interest in Taco Bell.
As the 90’s come back into fashion I nostalgically reminisce about my adolescence. It was a time when I wore three different pieces of Stüssy apparel at once. I wore Cross Colours, not really understanding the intricacies of Afrocentric living, but absorbing it 100% into my white suburban lifestyle. I wanted to do the Buffalo Stance but wasn’t exactly sure what it was- something about a gigolo, sucka.
At the time the Wu Tang Clan and NWA were changing the face of music, but my virgin ears were more intrigued by New Jack Swing (and House of Pain …. I was new at music. Forgive me). Artists like New Edition and Bobby Brown, and songs like “Just Got Paid,” “Motown Philly” and “Rub You the Right Way” appealed to my pop sensibility and youthful energy. Bell Biv DeVoe was my favorite, with chart topping hits, flashy clothes and singable lyrics.
If I had to compare Taco Bell’s food to BBD’s songs directly, it probably would break down like this:

Taco – “Poison”
Some people would call a Taco Bell taco poison, but they’d be wrong. Both the Bell Biv DeVoe song and the taco are very popular and very satisfying. Although the taco can be assembled in a matter of seconds (after the ingredients are rehydrated and sorted by their chemically produced colors), they still combine for a complex flavor- one that is very specific to a Taco Bell taco. There’s also something to be said for lyrics like “never trust a big butt and smile,” which could be most fast food chains’ motto.

Burrito – “Do Me”
“Oh yeah” are the lyrics seductively repeated throughout the song. Although they’re meant sexually, they could also could be about a simple, delicious burrito. Just beans, cheese, diced onions and hot sauce- the bare essentials oozing together to create a meld of salty flavorfulness.

Chilito (aka Chili Cheese Burrito) – “I Thought It Was Me”
Not as popular but definitely my favorite song and item of all. “I Thought It Was Me” didn’t chart as high, but it featured every element of a true new jack swing cut and stood out as one of my favorite songs by Bell Biv DeVoe. The Chilito, which was renamed the Chili Cheese Burrito before disappearing from the menu all together (and causing an online petition demanding its resurrection), was literally a tortilla filled with soft, gooey chili and cheese. The contents could have been mistaken for something found in a diaper, but instead tasted like pure Taco Bell gold.

Also, on a similar subject, check out these Taco Belles. Holy Taco provides photos of the type of girls Bell Biv DeVoe sang about, but probably not the type of girls that eat a lot of Taco Bell.


5 Responses to “Taco Bell Biv DeVoe”

  1. My Shimoda Says:

    New Jack Swing vs. tacos and burritos.

    AMAZING!! I love it!

  2. John Says:

    Bell Biv DeVoe have two new songs on iTunes: “Welcome to My Heart” and “You.” Check them out. They’re awesome! “You” is my favorite of the two.

  3. foodmarathon Says:

    I would prefer a new New Jack Swing album. Poison is the epitome of that era’s sound- they should bring it back. I don’t want to hear a modern version of BBD, I want the old school.

  4. Wahoo’s « Says:

    […] rice, beans, Mr Lee’s Hot Sauce and bottomless fountain soda), $10 and change, is more than Taco Bell but it’s also a lot more […]

  5. LA Street Food Fest 2012 Review « Says:

    […] Taco Bell Biv Devoe, combining two of my favorite things: https://foodmarathon.wordpress.com/2008/01/30/taco-bell-biv-devoe/ […]

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