Hour of the CHIPwreck

One of my favorite snacks tastes like dog food- at least that’s what many people say. I think they taste delicious. The snack is called Bissli.It’s made by an Israeli company called Osem and it’s their number two snack brand (not far behind Bamba, which I’m not a fan of). Bissli are unhealthy wheat snacks in tube and swirl shapes. They’re made with palm oil, corn starch and MSG. People say they taste like dog food because of their texture, which is less oily than a Frito and not as crunchy. The Smokey flavor isn’t overpowering. They also come in Falafel, Pizza, Taco, Burger, BBQ and Onion flavors (note: no cheese as it’s not a common part of middle eastern cuisine).
The brand’s mascots are these two weird-looking cartoon characters imaginatively called Grill and Barbeque. Grill has Bissli-Grill-shaped hair, is laid-back, witty and sharp-tongued. Barbeque who has curly, Bissli-Barbeque-shaped hair is depressive and apprehensive. Barbeque is always anxious and Grill is cool and easygoing. Barbeque is always worried that he’ll run out of Bissli and Grill calms him down. Oh the hilarity…


One Response to “Hour of the CHIPwreck”

  1. Scott Says:

    Also no cheese because it’s not kosher if you mix meat and dairy.

    And these all seem to have meat in them.

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