First Is the Worst, Second is the Best

Eater was kind enough to invite me to the Hell’s Kitchen finale viewing party at Tanzore.
Caroline on Crack was there and provides good commentary as always.
Bonnie handled her second place finish gracefully, having invited family and friends to watch her come up short of the $250k head chef prize. Don’t worry Bonnie, I wouldn’t want to live in Vegas either. The food at Tanzore is good- notably lighter than the usual Indian fare. This begs the question of whether I would seek out lighter Indian fare, and the answer is no. I’m very happy with greasy, heavy Indian food from any number of the typical Indian restaurants in the greater LA area.
The video setup was terrific- easily viewable from anywhere in the lounge, good quality sound and image, and they were able to play music over the commercials. It’s an excellent viewing party location.
It was nice to meet the people behind Eater LA and The Knife.
Last but not least was Moxy, the wonderful brand manager from the alcohol sponsor Charbay. She genuinely cares about the company she works for, effusively explaining the passion that the owners have for their craft. The flavored vodkas are as good as any I’ve had. Their unusual flavors include blood orange, meyer lemon, green tea and pomegranate.


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