Satriale’s, Sopranos and Sarcone’s

The Philly marathon continued in a more New Jersey style, with Italian deli subs from Sarcone’s. Reminiscent of Satriale’s on the Sopranos, Sarcone’s is a simple corner deli with fresh meat, cheese and other fixings for sub sandwiches (or hoagie depending on who you ask).
We got an Old Fashioned Italian (thinly sliced prosciutto, hot sopresatta, hot coppa, sharp provlone, dry herbs, lettuce, tomato and onion), The Ultimate Veggie (oven roasted eggplant, roasted long hots, roasted red peppers, sauteed spinach, sharp provolone, fresh mozzarella, red wine vinegar, dry herbs) and The Tony Soprano (gobagool- which is slang for “capicola”, mortadella, prosciuotto and a bunch of other meats and spicy peppers).
The sandwiches come on Sarcone’s bread which is baked down the street in their bakery.
A few feet down the street we tried George’s roast pork hoagie. It was average at best.
We followed that up with something called water ice. It’s really a snow cone but in Philly they call it water ice. Don’t ask.
Throw in a couple cannolis and you’ve got yourself a solid Philly food marathon.


One Response to “Satriale’s, Sopranos and Sarcone’s”

  1. jinius Says:

    did you re-design the site? i like what you’ve done with the place.

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