Hour of the CHIPwreck

New to the blog is a section focusing on chips, because everyone loves chips. The name comes from the band Hour of the Shipwreck.
I read about Popchips recently and came across them at Bristol Farms today. There were only three bags left, as I was told they sold very quickly. Their gimmick is that instead of frying or baking the chips, they actually “pop” them.“Popping is a way of making our all-natural chips without oil. We start with the finest ingredients, like organic corn, wholesome potatoes, and whole grain brown rice. Then we apply heat and pressure, along with a little snack magic. And pop! It’s a chip.” Hardly a scientific explanation, but if they can pop corn and pop tarts, why not chips…
They only had original potato chip flavor, which were pretty salty and reminiscent of real potato chips. I say reminiscent because the consistency was quite different. They’re airy in the healthy-ish Trader Joes Veggie Sticks way, resembling a baked chip much more than a fried one. I’m gonna try other flavors and report back. Like their Trader Joe’s competitors, I imagine that these chips are good with ketchup as well.Numbers-wise (120 Calories, 4.6g of fat), Popchips are slightly healthier than Doritos (140 Calories, 7g of fat) or the other chip that pops, Pringles (160 Calories, 11.0g of fat).


4 Responses to “Hour of the CHIPwreck”

  1. MeltingWok Says:

    Have you ever try one of those cajun crawtater chips ? Its sooo good, I actually order them online hahah..talk bout chip fanatic 🙂

  2. Food Marathon Says:

    I haven’t but I will. I’m all for seafood chips…

  3. jinius Says:

    hmm these could be good…as long as they dont cause anal leakage like those olestra laden chips.

  4. Food Marathon Says:

    There was a slight Wow-ness to the flavor and texture, but no problems in the stomach or rectal region.

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