Sauce Capsules

Here’s another idea that I thought of when considering that salads are healthy and salad dressing isn’t. What about marble-sized, edible capsules filled with salad dressing? Similar in look to a boba or a paintball, the dressing-filled capsules can easily be punctured with a fork to release their contents. They allow specific rationing of the amount of dressing desired, and also make distribution throughout the salad easy. Unevenly dressed, unhealthily doused and destructively tossed salads will no longer be a problem.The capsules can work for other foods too- chocolate syrup capsules on top of ice cream, soy sauce capsules scattered throughout a bowl of rice, maple syrup capsules hidden in stacks of pancakes or french toast.


2 Responses to “Sauce Capsules”

  1. Aubrey Says:

    Whoa…that’s a genius idea man! I mean really a great idea.

  2. Kinan Says:

    Hot sauce in a capsule, fish sauce in a capsule…

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