Summer of Sushi

In an attempt to catch up on my LA sushi knowledge, this summer with be the ‘Summer of Sushi.’ I will try Sushi Zo, Sasabune, Ike and all the other chowhound-debated, yelp-rated, Jonathan Gold-certified sushi bars in town. I got an early start with Nishimura, Sushi Park, Azami, R-23 and Hirozen…


6 Responses to “Summer of Sushi”

  1. KirkK Says:

    Hi FM – Are you going to check out Urasawa as well?

  2. Kinan Says:

    Don’t forget Hide

  3. Food Marathon Says:

    Urasawa is questionable… After the summer’s spending I bet I’ll be broke. Perhaps I’ll save Urasawa for the end of the year.

    And Hide and many many more…

  4. Jeni Says:

    Dang Food Marathon! Of all food goals, your’s is the coolest. Looking fowards to your reviews.

  5. Food Marathon Says:

    I think the great taco hunt is the best long term food goal I’ve read about.

  6. Matt Says:

    Yo dude, was glad to be along w/ you & Rob for the R-23 experience. Will be checking back to see your verdicts on the rest (especially if you have thoughts on a good cheap neighborhood sushi spot in Miracle Mile/Mid-City besides Noshi)… And I definitely expect a call for the “Autumn of our Taco Trucks”!



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