Fast Food From Famima

Famima is like the Fast and the Furious of mini marts; on the surface it’s slick, with Japanese roots and a little extra kick in the food department, but ultimately it’s just a souped-up 7-11.It took three trips to actually buy anything there. Most of the food didn’t look good and the fancy water, chips and soda never peaked my interest. Almost all of the prepared food looked days old, despite ‘sell by’ dates claiming otherwise. Yesterday I was in a hurry and had been craving dim sum, so I grabbed their Dim Sum Combo A. The bao at the checkout counter look quite good, but I skipped them figuring there will be other chances. At the register the employee offered to microwave my food for me, as well as give me chopsticks and soy sauce. It’s a nice added human touch, but again only a tiny step above Apu at the Kwik-E-Mart (that’s a Simpsons reference, not racism fyi).
The combo’s contents were Char Siu Bao (Panfried Pork Bun), two Pork Siu Mai, two Shrimp Dumplings and two Shrimp Potstickers. It looked appetizing enough until I flipped the packaged to find an ingredient list longer than the National Do Not Call Registry. I realize that for prepared food to last long enough to turn profit there must be additives. I also believe that after years of eating Doritos and Taco Bell I’ve built up a strong tolerance to chemicals in my food. So I returned to my office to eat.
Overall the food is packed with seasoning, so it’s flavorful (albeit salty). The consistency was pretty good for a reheated meal. Compared to a sandwich from Subway, it’s a good alternative, but I don’t know that I’d rush back.
I fear that Famima’s other heatable lunches (chicken teriyaki bowls, spaghetti puttanesca, yakisoba, pad thai, paninis and chicken korma) will fair the same way- unhealty, rating higher than airplane food, but not as good as a freshly-prepared lunch.
I’ll still try the bao from the checkout counter, and I’ll still try the sushi, as in a future post I’ll compare and contrast supermarket sushi.

2 Responses to “Fast Food From Famima”

  1. Passionate Eater Says:

    The massive list of ingredients are a little scary. Thankfully, when we get the restaurant dim sum, there are never any ingredients on display, so I don’t have to feel that bad.

  2. Erin Says:

    Famima’s bao are pretty good (I’ve hit the one in Glendale and the SM 3rd St. Promenade location,) better than the tonkatsu, which was just alright. One thing in their favor is that their bao aren’t very sweet bbq-ey, but the doughy exterior isn’t the best.

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