Milk Does a Body Good (not your teeth)

Milk is clean space, with tables inside and out. Most people were eating salads and sandwiches (the sandwiches looked good, the salads looked average). Homemade ice cream is the centerpiece of the dessert menu which includes ice cream sandwiches, milk shakes and malts. There are also bonbons, cookies, brownies, specialty sodas and basically any variation of tooth-decay-promoting sweet you can think of.
I chose the peanut butter and banana malt, because bananas are healthy… (that’s sarcasm getting lost in the translation to text). Topped with fresh whipped cream and a few malt balls, it was very tasty. It wasn’t as sweet as I expected, with well-blended mix of peanut butter and banana. It probably could use some chocolate to tie it all together.

By summer Milk should have lines down the street a la Diddy Riese and Pinkberry (before they opened their 433 new locations). Also, there’s rumor that they will have a bacon ice cream concoction. I’m looking forward to trying it, whatever it is…


2 Responses to “Milk Does a Body Good (not your teeth)”

  1. Passionate Eater Says:

    This MILK place looks really cool! And interesting that you brought up Diddy Riese. Those two places should join a partnership together, but it sounds like MILK might be on the pricey side

    Back when I used to live in Los Angeles, Diddy Riese cookies sold for about 25 cents each. Dang. That made me sound a lot older than I really am. Well, maybe not.

  2. Food Marathon Says:

    Diddy Riese is definitely the cheaper option, capitalizing on the UCLA college crowd. But Pinkberry is pretty expensive and there used to be lines down the street there. I think there’s enough room in this city for infinite dessert shops (Sussina bakery, Sprinkles cupcakes, Frateli’s donuts and a new place called Shave It which I’m going to post about soon).

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