Coachella- Daft Punk

Here is a totally non-food realted post. Coachella is always a highlight of my year. There’s absolutely nothing worth eating at Coachella (don’t even ask about the date shakes at Hadleys). The city of Palm Springs and surrounding areas barely have anything edible, however food is not the reason to go to the 100+ degree Coachella Valley during the last weekend of April.
Besides Ashlee and Shannon’s parites, one of the best moments of 2006 was easily Daft Punk at Coachella.

It’s not the most obvious call, considering all the great shows and new artists (Forward Russia , Lily Allen and Be Your Own Pet all at the Troubadour were each excellent).
However, it’s not even a question that Daft Punk took the cake, as the energy, set and sound were far better than even one aspect of the other choices.
I have songs from Forward Russia from spring of 2005. Most of it was downloaded under the pretense that dance-punk was dead. Nonetheless I heard an At the Drive In-quality but with a female drummer/vocalist, Katie Nicholls. This leads in nicely to hype about the next Gwen Stefani, Jemina Pearl, who emphatically mimics Karen O who is copying Ann Wilson from Heart which leads to acknowledgement of Cameron Crowe’s wife Nancy Wilson and ultimately Sofia Coppola (at 3:35 into the video).

Everything posted thusfar is a summary of the music of 2006 and the influences of the bands that represented it. I look forward to hearing what 2007 has to offer.


One Response to “Coachella- Daft Punk”

  1. susan Says:

    hello there,

    daft punk was indeed amazing last year! it made suffocating bearable and being squished bearable. it’s a wonder they were in those suits the whole show!

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