Frickles at Johnny Rebs

I’m pretty sure there’d be less war in the world if deep frying was a healthy cooking option. If every George Foreman grill was replaced by a deep fryer , providing an endless list of county fair-style deep fried Oreos, Twinkies, Snickers, cheesecake, hot dogs, cheese, etc, there’s no doubt that people would ultimately be obese and happy.

In the meantime we’ll just have to get our share of deep fried goodness in the form of frickles (pictured below with a bowl of Ranch Dressing) at Johnny Rebs in Long Beach.

It’s certainly not the bastion of health- with southern specialties like chicken fried steak, jars of lemonade, biscuits and gravy. I have no problem eating large portions (still working on my 20 taco post) but the size of Johnny Rebs’ plates are ridiculously large. The peach cobbler could easily feed six, but after a meal of that size we just took it to go.

The service was excellent, even staying open late to feed two of Long Beach’s finest who showed up 5 minutes before their 10pm closing. We’re gonna try breakfast there at some point (“Biscuit Sandwiches” and ?Barbeque Omelette – BBQ beef or pulled pork butt with our smokehouse BBQ sauce?”), as it will take the entire day to work it off.


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