Mozza Monday/Trifecta 2uesday

Last night was Monday and today is Tuesday. Last night we went to see Hour of the Shipwreck at Spaceland.

We had 2 shots and 2 beers, then each had 2 tacos at the taco trucks at Western and the 101. We christened it Trifecta 2uesday (for the alliterative qualities, even though it was Monday).
There are 2 trucks- we ate at the northern-most. The tacos al pastor were the best of the lot (above the dry carnitas and average asada). The hot sauce they use is phenomenal. The glass-bottled drink selection was plentiful- we had an apple cider-type soda.

Subsequently, we’re going to Mozza tonight, which alliteratively would work better as Mozza Monday.
So tune in tomorrow (Wednesday) for the review of Mozza Monday which actually will happen on Trifecta 2uesday (but only this once).

One Response to “Mozza Monday/Trifecta 2uesday”

  1. Jakarta Girl Says:

    Taco Trucks Rule My Patron Colored World

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