Costume Ideas for the Food-Minded Pt. 2

Last year I presented some food related costume ideas. This time I opted for the scary movie food mashups.

Ferran Adria makes a guest appearance in the breakout hit of the year Ferranormal Adriactivity:

Ferranormal Adriactivity

In her second feature film of the year (after Julie and Julia) see the most famous chef again in Julia Child’s Play:

Julia Child's Play

On the lighter side see Spago’s own Teen Wolfgang:

Teen Wolfgang

And because he’s the chef of the century you can also see Ferran that Rocks the Cradle:

Ferran that Rocks the Cradle

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2 Responses to “Costume Ideas for the Food-Minded Pt. 2”

  1. Gastronomer Says:

    Brilliant, Neil! I LOVE Ferran that Rocks the Cradle. Peyton!

  2. Costume Ideas for the Food-Minded Pt. 3 « Says:

    [...] Ideas for the Food-Minded Pt. 3 By foodmarathon After the first two costume ideas, here are a few other food related costume ideas for [...]

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